Connect the Cubes

Connect the Cubes.

A very interesting and a real brain bending puzzle game. The first thing you should do in Connect the Cubes is to find the right path.  See or draw the path in your mind first and then connect the cubes. If you can’t find the path the first time then you can take your time to take a look and analyse on it. There is also the help feature comes in handy, it shows you the start of the pattern and you should complete from there.

Yes, the pop-up ads are somewhat annoying, because it breaks your concentration. Seeing the pattern in your mind and, then drawing it is the real Challenge.  The key to it is, seeing it and trace it with your finger before actually drawing it,  to get a feel for it and also to see if you got it right. At first it seems a little more trickier than what it really is . That’s why I referred to it as ‘brain-bending’, because that is what it is . My #1 Rule, just ’Just Focus’ The other trick is that there are no direction stipulation, so you can go in any direction as long as you solve the puzzle and connect the cubes.  The  graphics are very basic and I feel a bit of extra colour and  cube dazzle could be added just to appeal to the eye.

Overall, this is a fun game to play, although there is room for improvement.

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Features :

-Classic connect line game of drawing paths.

– Over 200 levels and difficulty stages.

– Highly addictive.

Platforms:  iOS and  Android.

Thumbs up  :

-Loads quickly and easily.

– Icon panel  : home, refresh button, leader-board with three stats and twitter share.

-Face book share link.

– Help.

Thumbs Down  :

-Pop –up ads.

-No exit or pause button.